Setting up Mac Mail with ScarletMail

The following instructions can be used to configure Mac Mail on Yosemite for ScarletMail.



You will need to set a Mobile/IMAP/POP password to use ScarletMail with an email client.   The password can be different than the NetID password if desired.


Log in with NetID and password



Enter ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password.  Follow guidelines listed above the box.  This password will be used when configuring mobile and desktop email clients.





Click on the gear at the top right of the screen and select settings



Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab across the top of the screen.  Make sure that the bubble that says Enable IMAP is selected.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.  After the settings are saved the status above the Enable IMAP bubble should say IMAP is enabled in green as shown above.



Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.



From System Preferences select Internet Accounts.



Click on Add Other Account.



Select Add a Mail Account and click the Create Button



Use the following format for your Mail Account information:

  • Full Name: Your First and Last name
  • Email Address: your
  • Password: the password set in Manage ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password earlier


Press Create, and the account will be automatically configured.  The next time you open up Mac Mail, your emails will be retrieved for your scarletmail account.