Plaza Computer Lab


Livingston Apts., Bldg C - Room 105
95 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Piscataway, NJ, 08854

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The All New Plaza Computer Lab

The Plaza Computer Lab is the newest addition to the computing facilities that are located on the newly redesigned Livingston Campus. This new, state of the art lab is located in Room 105 of Building C in the new Livingston Apartments.

With an additional 1500 students now living on campus in the new Livingston Apartments, placing a substantial computing center near the new dorms seemed appropriate. This will give students convenient access to the computing resources they need to focus on various academic and personal needs.

The modern decor creates an enviornment that is both inviting and comfortable, allowing students to work for extended periods of time. The new computer lab has a beautiful view of the Plaza's courtyard. Highly visible and located on the ground floor, the Plaza Computer Lab complements the other popular attractions - theater, diner and retail stores - that will be prominent in the new complex.

This new facility opened in September 2012. It is comprable in size to the new Kilmer Library Lab and will greatly enhance all user computing experiences here on the Livingston Campus.


More Computers, More Space

This new, cutting edge lab contains:

  • 44 Windows PCs
  • 12 iMac computers
  • 56 total OIT computers

available for all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff. The lab is also climate controlled, which means it will remain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. With motorized window shades for its floor to ceiling windows, the additional comfortable lounge seats, and restrooms located on site, the Plaza Computer Lab caters to its users in every way.

There are also various tables and chairs placed throughout the lab, affording you the use of your laptop in your own personal space. These are located within close vicinity to power outlets to ensure uninterrupted productivity during extended periods.


Printing Available

The Plaza Computer Lab includes three (3) Kyocera black and white printers designed for high volume printing, allowing patrons to print from any of the 56 available computers. This will allow for an expedited printing experience so users can quickly address other tasks.

Please click here for more on printing in the Labs (including our PrintGreen Conservation Program).


On-Site Support

Got questions? We've got you covered! Lab consultants will be staffed at the Plaza Computer Lab during all hours of operation. Please click here for information about the Lab's hours.


We Want to Hear Your Feedback!

The Office of Information Technology has put of lot of time and effort into creating a comfortable atmosphere in the new Plaza Computer Lab where students, faculty, and staff can go to study and collaborate on coursework and projects. Please share your feedback on your experiences at the Plaza Computer Lab (or any of the OIT Labs) by completing our short survey below.

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