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Livingston Breakout Room

Livingston Breakout Room


Tillett Hall
Rooms 106F, 106G, 106H
53 Avenue E
Piscataway, NJ, 08854

Breakout Room Description

Each room consists of one Mac Mini connected to a 55" TV. Via a program called TeamSpot, users may connect to the host (the Mac Mini) from their laptops. Through the TeamSpot program, connected users can share share a variety of material including documents, websites, videos, etc. All of the materials shared via Teamspot are collected in an archive that can be saved for each connected user so everyone has a copy of the shared work.

Breakout Room Reservations

Click here to book a room

To make reservations for your group, use the link above. From there, select the needed number of 30 minute appointment blocks to schedule your reservation. Your reservation may not exceed 3 hours. Appointment blocks are available on a first come, first served basis. To access the Breakout Room, speak with a consultant prior to your scheduled reservation. 


  • Groups must consist of a minimum of two people and may not exceed number of seats in the room.
  • No food or uncovered drinks allowed in the Breakout Rooms.
  • There is a 15-minute grace period attached to your reservation. If your group does not arrive within the grace period the reservation is void and the room becomes openly available.

For more information, you may speak with the staff at the Livingston Computing Center by calling 848-445-3465.


TeamSpot is a collaborative program providing a shared work surface for joint work. By using TeamSpot, you can connect multiple laptops to a single screen and share a variety of materials including files, websites, portions of documents. All the materials shared via TeamSpot are stored in an archive which can then be shared with all the people connected to that TeamSpot session.

TeamSpot Instructions

  1. To join TeamSpot, click on the appropriate TeamSpot link for your room listed in the table above, from your laptop. You must be signed into the TV in the Breakout Room in order for the links to work.
  2. First time users: Once on the appropriate website, Click the button that appears next to step 1. This will download and install the Tidebreak Client.
  3. Once the Tidebreak Client is installed, click the Join button that appears next to step 2 on the resulting website and run the downloaded file. This will configure your Tidebreak client on your machine for the room you are in.
  4. Go to the Tidebreak application on your computer. Select the appropriate "Location to Join". Alternatively you may manually enter a "New Location." which will be either for room 106F, for room 106G, or for room 106H. Click "Join" to complete the connection. This step can be completed in place of step 3 by clicking on the link for the room you are in.
  5. Choose a nickname which will be displayed under the list of particpants.
  6. An authentication code will show on the TV. Enter this code on your computer when prompted.
  7. Navigate to the Tidebreak client on the TV Display and select "Participants" to view everyone connected to the session.
  8. Click on a participant followed by either "Show" or "Share". The "Show" option will display your screen to the selected participant. The "Share" option will display your screen and will allow full access of the selected participant.

TeamSpot Instructional Videos

Below is a video describing how to set up and use Teamspot.

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