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Kilmer Library Lab


Kilmer Library - Main Floor
75 Avenue E
Piscataway, NJ, 08854

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New, Expanded Kilmer Library Lab

The Kilmer Library Lab has been a staple among the OIT Computer Labs on the Livingston Campus. The lab has always seen high-traffic from patrons, given it's location within the Kilmer Library, and the library's proximity to the Livingston Student Center, the Rutgers Business School and many other academic buildings on that side of the Livingston Campus. That traffic has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years -- first after the opening of the newly renovated Livingston Student Center, and then again after the opening of the Livingston Dining Commons next door to the library.


The increased use of the Kilmer Library in general, and specifically the computer lab, prompted the staff at the Rutgers Libraries and OIT to come together to address growing demand for comfortable computing space in the Kilmer Library. Plans and infrastructure work for the Kilmer Library Lab expansion project developed methodically throughout the year.


This long-established facility was relocated, expanded and improved during Spring Break 2012. It now has six times the space as before. The lab is now a predominant feature as you enter the library, taking up most of the front section of the first floor of Kilmer Library. The new Kilmer Library Lab is now located along the entry window wall, with a beautiful view of the new Livingston Campus, looking upon the new Livingston Student Center and Dining Commons.


Over the course of this collaborative effort, the Rutgers Libraries and the Office of Information Technology have strengthened our relationship. We look forward to future collaborations with the Rutgers Libraries, and other interested Rutgers departments. These collaborations only strengthen the Rutgers community, and set an example for working together toward the ultimate mission of the university -- to provide better services to our students, faculty and staff.

More Computers, More Space

The new and improved Kilmer Library Lab contains

  • 37 Windows computers
  • 8 iMac computers
  • 45 total OIT computers

available for students, faculty and staff to use. This is nearly double the number of OIT computers that were previously available in the Kilmer Library Lab.

There are also 15 laptop stations dispersed among the computer stations. All stations are equipped with extra electrical outlets on each desktop. This brings the total number of stations to 60, not including the additional comfortable lounge seats along the window.

More Printers Available

The Kilmer Library Lab includes three (3) black and white printers allowing patrons to print from both OIT computers, as well as the computers managed by the Libraries. This is one more than the Kilmer Library Lab previously had, marking a 50% increase in available printers for patrons. Please click here for more on printing in the Labs (including our PrintGreen Conservation Program).

On-Site Support During Peak Hours


To answer your questions, a lab consultant will be at the Kilmer Library Lab during peak hours. Please click here for information on the libraries hours as well as staffed hours for the Kilmer Library Lab.

We Want to Hear Your Feedback!

The Rutgers Libraries and the Office of Information Technology have put a lot of time, planning and effort into making the Kilmer Library Lab a more comfortable environment, suitable for students, faculty and staff to study and collaborate on coursework and projects. Please share your feedback on your experiences in the new Kilmer Library Lab (or any of of the other OIT Computer Labs) by completing our short survey below.

As an added bonus, if you complete the survey, you will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble!

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