Here are what some of our employees had to say about working for the Help Desk and Labs:


"Working at the computer labs on Busch campus has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I don't consider this job as just a job. My whole life revolves around the friends and life experience I've gained through the labs. Nothing is more rewarding than receiving thanks from a patron for my assistance. I feel like I make a difference in peoples' lives because many have taken the time to remember my name. When I don't know the answer to a patron's question, I've never felt intimidated to ask another consultant or supervisor. I'm proud to call the Labs my family, and I feel confident that even when I no longer work here, I'll still keep in touch with many of the people I've worked with."

Lauren, Labs, English

"The Rutgers Computing Help Desk has provided me with a great opportunity to expand my networks in the Rutgers community. Not only do I interact with Amazing, multi-talented individuals everyday, I learn a lot from them as well. Being part of the Help Desk helped me grow as an individual and it allowed me to work together with a team to accomplish goals and solve problems. We are a big happy family here and the friendly nature of the consultants and the supervisors just makes things even better. I heart the Help Desk."

Rafay, Help Desk, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Economics

"I have worked multiple jobs on and off campus since I came to Rutgers in the fall of 2004, but none have compared to working with the Labs. I first applied for a job in the computer labs in the spring of 2006, was accepted, and after a summer with a few paid training sessions I began to work on the Cook/Douglass campus in the fall of 2006. The first thing that I noticed about working in the labs was that the hours are flexible and the pay is good. Another great thing about the lab is that the managers and staff are very nice and laid back. While it is important to remain professional while in a work environment, you are allowed to relax and enjoy your time on shift so long as you don't neglect your consultant duties. On top of working with great people, during shifts that I choose, and getting a fair pay for doing so, I have learned a great deal about computers since I started here, both through personal experience and the paid training classes which are offered to consultants. Overall, working with the Labs has been a great experience. I have gotten to work with great people, made friends, learned a lot about computers, and have seen the numbers in my bank account grow. What more could you ask for in a job?"

Leor, Labs, Biotechnology Major

"Working at the computer labs is the best possible job on campus. I was attracted to the job because it was available to any major and I wanted to be able to work with computers. They taught me many skills I didn't know yet and I continue to learn about different aspects of computers that I might not have otherwise learned. Not only that, but it's rewarding to be able to answer the lab-goers' questions, and during most shifts there is time to go online or do homework. I'd encourage anyone to apply."

Katie, Labs, Psychology

"Working for ResNet has been great. It was one of the best career decisions I have ever made. The customer service and technical skills that I have gained have been invaluable. In addition, my experience as a ResNet Campus Supervisor has taught me both project and personnel management that is sure to be impressive to any employer. The sum total of my experiences and skills gained from working for ResNet has helped me secure a job that begins after I graduate, and it can do the same for you."

John, ResNet, Computer Science, Economics Minor

"Normally, going to the office is not something one looks forward to. But, the people I work with and the managers I work for are some of the best I've ever had. I can honestly say that working at the Help Desk is a good time. "

Kevin, Help Desk, Meteorology

"I think working in Operations is the perfect part time job for a student with the appropriate knowledge. While we play a very important role in computer support here, there is lots of down time for doing homework or studying. There are shifts available 24 hours a day, so scheduling shifts is very flexible. Working at Operations is great work experience and a great way to stay ahead in your classes."

Josh, Operations, Computer Science

"I love working in the computer labs as a Lab consultant. It has given me a chance to help other students with computer problems and has taught me about various software applications and hardware issues which I can take with me to future jobs. The best kinds of jobs are those when you love what you do and you do it well, and working in the labs is one of those jobs. It is a stress-free, fun way to make some extra cash and learn something in the process."

Elise, Labs, Marketing

"I am a Douglass junior and this is my first semester working for the Labs. Working in the labs is a great experience for me. I am always learning new things and I work with awesome people. When I submit my resume future employers, I will be proud to have the Labs on it, giving me a competitive edge over my peers."

Amy, Labs, Sociology

"Working with ResNet has been both an enjoyable and an informative experience. I've gained a lot of practical knowledge about networking and had a lot of practical experience in the field work I've done. The hours, flexible in both amount and time, were really easy on my schedule as well."

Bryan, ResNet, Biology

"Operations makes me feel like I am part of the bigger OIT group. The system administrators and all of Rutgers depend on me to accurately report to them. It is a very rewarding experience when you help solve a major issue before it becomes a crisis."

Abraham, Operations, Biomedical Engineering

"I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot in just a short time working here. The Labs are especially good for honors students like me, because you can do homework or study while on duty, and there are lots of shifts so you can fit them around your classes. Although I came in knowing a lot about computers, they will train you in everything you need to know in order to work here. If you like money, fun times, cool co-workers and helping people when they really need it, you should work for the Labs."

Lorraine, Labs, English/Japanese

"I love learning about computers and being paid to do so. The more I put into this job, the more I get out of it. I'm going to miss this job when I graduate!"

Jessica, Labs, Biochemistry

"As a consultant and a supervisor-in-training, my employment at the labs has truly been beneficial. Through my day-to-day tasks, ranging from assisting users to completing projects with co-workers, I have obtained universal skills that are desirable in any workplace. The friendly atmosphere, flexible schedule, and room for promotion make it such a great place to work that I could not see myself working anywhere else on campus."

LeAnne, Labs, Biology and Nutritional Science

"Working at ResNet has been, dare I say it, fun. My co-workers are some of my best friends at school, and I honestly look forward to coming to work. It has also been very beneficial to me professionally. I had a strong interest in networking and computers in general, and ResNet has given me the opportunity to learn technical skills that have been invaluable in school and in pursuing a full-time job. In fact, I spent most of my interviews talking about my experience at ResNet, and employers loved hearing about it. Interesting work, intelligent co-workers, great management, and the independence of solving problems out in the field make this, in my opinion, the best on-campus job you can find."

Michael, ResNet, Computer Science & English

"Working for the labs is the perfect balance of actual work done vs. money earned. Unlike other jobs with decent salaries, lab positions give you time to do some homework. Unlike work study jobs where you mostly do homework, lab positions have decent wages and great benefits. In my first few weeks of working for the labs, they forwarded a job opening in another department, and before I knew it, I had a job making over $10/hr. The most rewarding part of working for the labs is helping people by simply sharing knowledge."

Joe, Labs, Computer Engineering

"Working at the labs for the last two years has been an awesome learning experience. I?ve been able to learn new software and get experience on Apple computers as well as meet a lot of cool computer-enthusiasts."

Martin, Labs, ITI & Economics

"The best thing about working at the computer lab is the relaxed work environment and great peers. I have had an amazing time getting to know the people I work with and also the patrons. I also feel that working here has helped develop my communication skills, a strength that is very valuable in today?s world. You get to interact with a diverse set of students, and knowing how to deal with different people has helped me outside of work. ps.I learned how to juggle at work."

Aditya, Labs, Finance

"Something really great about working for ResNet is the amount of information you learn about all different kinds of computers. Plus, it's a great feeling when you restore someone's connectivity or remove a virus from their computer and they look so pleased. I feel like I am making a difference in their day."

Avital, ResNet, Nutritional Sciences

"Working as a consultant is an amazing opportunity. The job is rewarding because you get to help out patrons and share your knowledge, and it's always nice to know that you've made someone's day. Also, you get to further your own skills through continual training classes, which you can then use in helping patrons as well as in other areas of your life. The atmosphere is very friendly and pleasing to work in."

Valeria, Labs, Finance and Psychology

"I'm fairly new to the Labs work force, but I feel very much a part of it. Although I don't know many workers here in the Livingston labs, those I do know and work with are very nice and I enjoy their company. Overall, I like this job. It's not very difficult, the people are relaxed, and I like to work with computers."

Andrew, Labs, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I love working here at Operations! I get a really good feel for the Unix environment. Being relatively new to the Unix/Linux OS, working here is a great source for information and experience for me!"

Dan, Operations, Computer Engineering

"Working for the Labs is fun. I like working here because you can joke around with your co-workers, everyone laughs and has a good time. Patrons are appreciative when you help them out, and they thank you as if you saved their life. Sometimes the lab gets very active and it challenges you. Other times no one is around and you can do your homework."

Daniel, Labs, MSIS & CS

"This is my third year on duty. It?s definitely been a fun and learning experience. I have developed a strange sense of desire to help people in the lab even when I?m not on duty. The friends I have made and the friendly environment make it a good place to work."

Richard, Labs

"Working for ResNet as a field technician has been a very positive experience for me. Over the past few months, I have gained valuable experience in troubleshooting everything from Windows to the network itself, working during the times that suit me best. Even if I couldn't solve a particular problem, there was always someone to call for help."

Michael, ResNet, Pharmacy

"I enjoy working the lab primarily because I love sitting in front of my computer! So why not do it in the lab and get paid right? I really enjoy helping patrons troubleshoot their computer problems and give them helpful tips for the future. It?s great!"

Jennifer, Labs, Engineering

"The primary reason I like working at the Livingston Computer Lab is because everyone from the manager to the consultants are very friendly and helpful. They helped me learn how to deal with patrons and how to react in different situations. Besides technical knowledge, I have acquired useful skills for dealing with various patrons."

Umesh, Labs, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"The Help Desk has CHANGED my life. I'm making the best money for the most satisfying work, so far,in my life. I've learned so much about computers that I am now efficient in solving any problem presented to me. The people who work here are nice, friendly and extremly helpful. For anyone who is interested in working here, I HIGHLY suggest filling out an application."

Susan, Help Desk, Communications

"I am a Nursing major, and I knew how hard the program could be at Rutgers. However, I needed somewhat of an income with flexible hours. This job was right up my alley. It sometimes provides me with a quiet environment where I can really be productive in my studies. Also, it?s great because I can schedule work around classes not vice versa and everyone is very relaxed."

Matthew, Labs, Nursing

"Every ResNet appointment that I complete gives me a sense of accomplishment. There is no better victory than walking away from a user's dorm, knowing how happy they are and how much being online makes their day easier."

Abraham, ResNet, Biomedical Engineering

"One of my favorite parts about working at the computer labs is how important the managers and supervisors make you feel. Everytime I see a manager or supervisor that I have met they always say, "Hi, how are you? How is work?" It really makes you feel good about working at the labs, that you are so important that those higher than you take the time to get to know you."

Nicholas, Labs, Journalism

"The job provides an opportunity for entry into a computer consulting position. With such an excellent training program provided, you can either be a computer whiz receiving a nice refresher, or a newbie put into an extremely comfortable and well paced crash course, all the while being paid. In most cases, people pay thousands of dollars for equivalent training. The job also creates a great social environment for consultants to interact with each other, supervisors, managers, and most importantly, patrons, while developing customer service skills valued in professional fields. Along with everything else, it provides a great opportunity to be in the lab and get work done, while simultaneously forcing you to familiarize yourself with a variety of useful business applications."

Arlind, Labs, Information Technology and Informatics and Psychology

"I feel that the lab position is great way to broaden an interest in computer science. I'm a Religion major planning on Dentistry, so I don't have the time to spend on learning as much as I'd like about computers. Through working at the labs, I receive ample opportunities to further my knowledge. I even get paid doing it!"

Yatri, Labs, Religion/Pre-Med

"The campus computer labs are a great place to work. I've had the chance to learn a lot of different software packages. I know that classes in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Power Point can cost thousands of dollars! I also enjoy the flexible schedule that works around my classes. The skills I'm learning on this job will help my resume look great."

Patricia, Labs, Theater Arts

"I like working as an operator. The operations staff has a lot of good people on it, and the supervisors are understanding and helpful. On top of that I've obtained some useful office experience and an insider?s look at IT professions while working here."

Joe, Operations, Physics