Student Organizational Accounts

Student Organizational Accounts provide the following services:

  • A single account with default disk storage quota to be used by a group of users
  • Group web pages
  • A virtual hostname for the website if specifically requested
How the service might be used: 

These accounts provide a constant address for email, web pages, as well as other needs, and allow the staff of an organization to work on projects together.

How to request this service: 

To request an account, a representative from the student fund account should complete the Organizational Account Application. A link for this form can be found here:

This application should be returned to:

Rutgers University Student Activities Business Office
613 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Upon confirmation that the Student Fund Account Holder's account is in good standing (no outstanding invoices/cash advances) this application is then forwarded to Rutgers University Computer Services, who will create the account on the Eden server. OIT will give the requester and additional account members access to the account.


To use a student organizational account, students must have valid individual accounts on the EDEN system. After the account for your organization has been created, all authorized persons can access it from their personal eden accounts.


These accounts are available by request to all Rutgers student organizations and other approved College and University groups with a Student Activities Business Account

Support Information: 

All changes for any users must be requested from the Primary Account holder's EDEN account to The request should include the name of the Organizational Account and the names and eden email addresses of up to 4 people who can have access to the account.

Contact Information: 

Users can e-mail for issues with their eden account, or contact the Help Desk (732-445-HELP)