RCI (Faculty and Staff Accounts)

RCI is a central computing system that the faculty and staff on Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway campus use for a variety of services, including publishing web pages and group accounts. It has been replaced by Rutgers Connect as the central email system for faculty and staff, and its email services are expected to be decommissioned during the Spring semester of 2017.

How the service might be used: 

RCI can be used to: 

  • Publish web pages to a personal account or a Departmental account
    • Documentation is available for help Publishing For The World Wide Web
    • Develop dynamic webpages using the PHP programing language and MySQL Database (Note: only PHP version 4.4.2 and MySQL version 3.23.58 are available.)
  • Remotely map RCI account directories using WebDrive and Samba
  • Remotely connect to the UNIX shell on RCI using SSH and SFTP
  • Access to programing languages such as C, C++ and Java

All data on RCI accounts is backed up for up to 8 weeks.  These backups are restorable with the following online tool:

How to request this service: 

Faculty and Staff members at the University can activate an RCI account through the Services Activation tool located at netid.rutgers.edu.  A University Sponsor may request a Guest RCI account for a visiting person by filling out the online form at https://requests.rutgers.edu and specifically mentioning in the Notes field that an RCI account is needed. (Guests are not automatically allowed to create RCI accounts.) As of January 18, 2017, new RCI accounts will no longer have email as a service.


In order to obtain an RCI account you must be a Faculty member, Staff member or University Sponsored Guest. In addition, if you are associated with one of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) units, you must request special permission from the OIT Help Desk by writing to help@oit.rutgers.edu.

Contact Information: 

New Brunswick Computing Help Desk: (848) 445-4357
Email: help@oit.rutgers.edu