Google Groups through ScarletApps

As part of ScarletApps  Faculty,Staff and Students at the University have access to Google Groups

Google Groups provides the following services:

  • Engage in discussions about a specific subject.
  • Have a Group-based email address in the form of [GROUPNAME] with a Web-based interface for the Collaborative Group Inbox that automatically threads replies.  For more information on Collaborative Inbox please read
  • Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group using a shared Calendar.
  • Have shared Calendars that can be accessed by members of a group
  • Have shared Documents and file storage through Google Drive
  • Have a shared website that can be accesed and maintained by members of the group
  • Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.
How the service might be used: 

These Groups provide a number of services:

  •   A Group-based email address in the form of [GROUPNAME]
  •   A Web-based interface for the Collaborative Group Inbox that automatically threads replies
  •   Integration of replies through the web interface as well as via email
  •   Collaboration tools to identify email threads as tasks, assign responsibility, and track status
  •   Privacy settings to control the points of origin that are allowed to send mail to the Group inbox
  •   Per-user settings to manage notification of Group messages and updates to threads.
  •   The ability to define custom roles within the Group and limit or grant access based on those roles
  •   Permissions settings for internal communications, management, data visibility, or other identity-based tools
  •   Integration with Google Services:
    •    The ability to share Drive files or Google Calendars with the group using one sharing setting.
    •    The ability to Invite the entire group to a Calendar event.
    •    The ability to share Google Sites across the entire group via one sharing setting.
    •    The ability to subscribe the Group as a whole to other Groups in ScarletApps.
How to request this service: 

Use of this service is dependent on an active ScarletMail Account.  To activate a ScarletMail Account please go to and click on Service Activation

To create a group, go to and click the Create Group button. Please follow the prompts to configure your Group.

If you are already logged into ScarletMail you can also access groups through the apps icon   on the upper right hand side of the screen and clicking on the Google Groups icon


Anyone with an active ScarletMail account can create a Group To activate a ScarletMail Account please go to and click on Service Activation

Support Information: 

If you have any questions on how to set up or use Google Groups with ScarletApps please contact