Departmental Account (Faculty and Staff)

In most respects, a departmental account on RCI is just like a personal account on RCI, with one important difference: it has no password of its own but instead uses the passwords of specific authorized users to access it. Consequently, anyone who is going to have access to the departmental account must have a personal RCI account. This means that students or non-Rutgers employees who do not have a faculty/staff status in the Rutgers Online Directory will not be able to work on this account, unless you obtain a guest account for them on RCI.

How the service might be used: 

A departmental account may be used to allow multiple people in a department to share services on account with features that includes: websites, MySQL databases, SSH, and SFTP access. (Email services on all RCI accounts are expected to be decommissioned during the Spring semester of 2017.)

How to request this service: 

To request a departmental account, the department or project head, department chair, director, or other appropriately responsible administrator should use the online form at
It will ask for the appropriate information and send a request automatically via e-mail.


Once the Departmental Account has been created, please read:

Using Departmental Email Accounts on RCI

Instead of the equivalent of a Departmental Account on Eden, Student groups may use Google Groups through ScarletMail.  Google Groups provide Student Organizations with the following services:

  • Engage in discussions about a specific subject.
  • Have a Group-based email address in the form of [GROUPNAME] with a Web-based interface for the Collaborative Group Inbox that automatically threads replies
  • Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group using a shared Calendar.
  • Have shared Calendars that can be accessed by members of a group
  • Have shared Documents and file storage through Google Drive
  • Have a shared website that can be accesed and maintained by members of the group
  • Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.

No special setup is required.  For more information on Google Groups please read the Google Groups Services Page. Also, the Student Activities Business Office provides a simple webpage service for student organizations.


Departmental accounts can be requested from the appropriate Dean, Director, Department Chair, or the person in charge of a project or unit involved. This applicant must have an active faculty/staff role and needs to have an active RCI account.

All other users who are allowed access to the account also need to have a RCI account of their own.

Students and other non-Rutgers employees who do not have a faculty/staff role will need to obtain a RCI guest account in order to have access to the departmental account.


This service is available to those with an active RCI account.

Support Information: 

Questions and inquiries about RCI accounts can be directed to

Contact Information: 

New Brunswick Computing Help Desk

848-445-HELP (4357)