Using RUMail with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (IOS 8.1.x)

To add an Exchange account to your iPhone or iPod touch, tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars



Click Add Account



Select Exchange



On the next screen, enter:

  • Your complete email address-, all in lowercase letters.

  • Password- NetID password

  • Description- (which may be anything you like).



On the next screen make sure the following is entered:

  • Your complete email address-, all in lowercase letters.

  • Server - should be

  • Domain - (your RUMail departmental domain)

  • Username- Should be your complete email address-, all in lowercase letters

  • Password- NetID password



Next select all of the RUMail Services you want to be synced with your device. Click Save

  • Configuring RUMail Shared Calendars in IOS 8.1.x

    To add shared calendars to your device, tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars



Tap Add Account



Tap Other



Tap Add CalDav Account



Fill the form out with the following information

  • Server:

  • User Name: where netid is your Rutgers NetID (all in lowercase letters) and is your RUMail departmental domain

  • Password: Your Rutgers NetID password

  • Description: you can enter anything here

Then select Next



Choose what types of information you would like to sync with your device. Then select Save.
Now you should be able to see all the Calendars and Reminders that are shared with your account on RUMail.