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"As a consultant and a supervisor-in-training, my employment at the Labs has truly been beneficial. Through my day-to-day tasks, ranging from assisting users to completing projects with co-workers, I have obtained universal skills that are desirable in any workplace. The friendly atmosphere, flexible schedule, and room for promotion make it such a great place to work that I could not see myself working anywhere else on campus."

-LeAnne, Labs, Biology and Nutritional Science

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Student Employment Opportunities at OIT

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) considers its student employees to be invaluable in the operation of the Computer Labs, and the Help Desk. We make an effort to create an enjoyable work environment and maintain a professional work setting. We are looking for employees that have the skills and knowledge to provide technical assistance to the university community. 

Interested applicants do NOT need to have a major in Computer Science or Engineering. We are searching for people with well-rounded computer experience, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude. Other characteristics we look for are: ambition, enthusiasm, initiative, and professionalism. More specific skills required by applicants depend on the type of position they are applying for. Never underestimate your abilities or chances. We encourage everyone to apply. 

Job Descriptions 
Part of the application process is to select which position and/or location you are most interested in. Although you can apply for multiple positions, you need to choose a position that you are primarily interested in. Some positions require different skills than others. See the complete list of positions and job descriptions to decide which position(s) and/or campus location(s) would most suit you, your tastes, and your skills. 

Hiring Process 
The Computer Labs and the Help Desk conduct their major hiring together during the Spring of each year. The application period for Fall 2018 employment will be held in February 2018. Due to time constraints, not all applicants will be interviewed. It is highly recommended that interested applicants apply early in order to increase their chances of being selected. Over 1000 students apply annually for these positions. After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, between 250-300 new student employees are selected to join our staff. Training sessions take place over the summer, and shifts begin in the fall semester. Please see our full timeline for additional details. 

The application for Fall 2018 has closed.  Check back in January 2019 for our next hiring period!

OIT student employees start at $11 per hour. Typically workers earn higher pay soon after being hired. There are opportunities for promotions paying up to $18 per hour. Scheduling is flexible and there are a variety of shifts available at different locations, times, and days of the week. We also offer training opportunities to enhance our employees' technical knowledge. The experience of working for OIT also provides an attractive addition to your resume and increases your qualifications to get a fulltime job after graduation, regardless of your major or career path. There are also opportunities for qualified employees to do tutoring, web design, and classroom instruction. We also make a strong effort to recognize the exceptional job performance of our student employees through our Consultant Recognition Program

Newark/Camden Employment Information 
Newark students can read about job opportunities at Newark Campus here
Camden students can read about job opportunities at Camden Campus here