Rutgers Instant Message with JWChat

JWChat is an open-source Instant Messaging software program recommended for Windows 2000, Windows XP or Macintosh computers. It can be used with the Rutgers IM service at Rutgers.

What makes JWChat different is that it uses a Web browser and thus doesn't require downloading and installing software. JWChat works with Windows-compatible browsers supported at Rutgers, such as Mozilla Firefox , and Internet Explorer . Additionally On Macintosh computers, JWChat works on Safari .

The Rutgers Office of Information Technology supports JWChat only for University users.


Logging In

Logging In

Open a compatible Web browser to . Please make sure the web browser is set to allow popup windows for this page. The page content may change from time to time but should look like the illustration above.

Enter your Rutgers NetID as the Username (NetIDs should always be entered all in lowercase letters) and the case-sensitive password associated with that account, then click the Login button.


A chat window should open


Adding Buddies

The Send Subscription dialog box will appear. Enter the Rutgers NetID of the person (in the form of to be invited to the buddies list and enter an invitation message or use the preset Jabber message. Note: the Open Search and Service options are unavailable at Rutgers at this time.


Click Send to invite the prospective buddy to join your roster. When buddies accept an invitation their NetIDs will appear in the JWChat window.