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University Software Portal

The University Software Portal is the access point for site licensed and discounted software as well as SSL certificates. The portal application presents a personal view of the software available to the user as determined by his/her role at the University. Users can search by product title, functionality category or by software vendor. Transactions are processed using a standard shopping cart; payment can be made by credit card, check or purchase order. There are over 200 products offered from the major software vendors; Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, etc. The University's site licensed antivirus software is available through the portal. In addition, there are several community funded discipline specific software applications that are accessed through the portal. The University has a site license for security certificates; requests for Comodo SSL certificates are processed through the portal.

How the service might be used: 
  • To download the free Rutgers Antivirus software.
  • To purchase academic software at discounted prices.
  • To access site licensed academic software.
  • To request an SSL certificate for a website.
How to request this service: 

The University Software Portal can be accessed by going to Users will be prompted to login with their NetID and password.


As a web service, the University Software Portal is available 24x7. Many items are available for immediate download. Media orders are sent via parcel post or alternatively can be picked up at ASB Annex II on Busch Campus Mon. โ€“ Fri. 9:00am โ€“ 12:00pm, 1:00pm โ€“ 4:30pm., upon email notification that the order is ready.

Support Information:

Susan Schwerdt, Site License Manager
Phone: 848-445-6034

Manny Martinez, Site License Coordinator
Phone: 848-445-6034

Contact Information: 

Address: 96 Davidson Road, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 848-445-6034
Fax: 848-445-7999