Configuring Android Devices For RUMail

Please note, OIT provides only limited support for mail clients on Android Devices. This is due to the fact that, unlike most Android apps, Android mail clients are created and maintained by the device manufacturers, and can have different specifications and layouts depending on both the manufacturer and the device model. If the instructions provided are not compatible with your device, we suggest that you take note of the configuration settings that our systems require and contact your device manufacturer for additional assistance.

These instructions were generated using an Android Tablet made by Samsung, running Jellybean (v4.1.2), for clarity and visibility.


To start the process of adding an account, open your mail client's Settings screen, and tap the Add Account button.



On this screen, enter your full email address ( (1) and your NetID password (2), then tap Manual setup (3) (if available).

  • Adding Your RUMail account as an Exchange Service

    Adding Your RUMail account as an Exchange Service


    You'll be prompted to select the type of account. Tap the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync button. (This may be labeled as Exchange, Outlook Exchange, or Corporate Account, or something else, depending on your device and manufacturer.)



On the next screen, you should fill in the fields as indicated:

  • Domain\username: in the form of\netid where is the RUMail departmental domain matching your email address, and netid is your Rutgers NetID (all in lowercase letters) (1).
  • Password: your NetID password (2).
  • Exchange Server: should be "" (3).

If your mail app has options to Use Secure Connection (SSL), Accept all SSL Connections, and/or Accept all SSL Certificates, any of these that are present should be checked off. (Most later version Android Mail Apps do not list these options, but this varies across devices and manufacturers.)

Once your settings match those depicted above, tap Next > (4)



Your device may now warn you that device-specific data must be provided to the Exchange Server. As this is essential to setting up the account, tap the OK button to proceed.


On the next screen, your device may prompt you to define how frequently you want it to check for new mail in your Inbox, and to attempt to send mail.

You'll need to keep Sync Email activated (otherwise, your email will not be sent and received). The other options are set at your discretion - Rutgers systems do not require any special settings. (By default, most devices consider Peak time to go from 7am to 8pm, with Off-peak from 8pm to 7am, but you may be able to configure these settings to different values elsewhere in your Device. The Email Retrieval setting determines how much data your device attempts to store locally, and may be limited by your device settings and available storage space.)

Once your settings are configured to your satisfaction, tap Next >



On the final setup screen, you are given the option to name the account; this can be filled out however you prefer.

Tap Done, and you should be taken to your newly-configured inbox.