Rutgers Instant Message with Adium (Mac)

About Adium

Adium is an open-source Instant Messaging program that works with Mac OS 10.x. It can be used with the Rutgers IM service as well as other networks such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and the Jabber (Rutgers IM) network at the same time.

The Rutgers Office of Information Technology supports Adium only for University users.

Using Internet chat services at Rutgers is subject to the terms of the Rutgers Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Information Technology Resources. Chat service features such as file transfers over the Internet also contribute to bandwidth use. Students who connect to the Rutgers Network from the residence halls would benefit from monitoring their usage with theNetwork Usage Tool. Files transferred through Adium to or from systems outside of the domain count toward the Internet Usage limits.


Configuring Adium For Rutgers IM

  1. Make sure you download the current version of Adium located on this page .
  2. Once the file is done downloading and the image opens Adium  can be installed by dragging the icon to the Applications folder on the computer.
  3. Once the installation is done click on the Adium icon located in the Applications folder to run the program and start configuring Adium.

  1. When Adium starts select Adium from the Apple toolbar and select Prefrences:

  1. Select Accounts then use the "+" drop down section. Select Jabber from the list of account types:

  1. On the Accounts tab enter the Jabber ID in the form of Do not enter the password. Once this is done the screen should look like the picture below. After the information has been entered, click on the Option tab to proceed to the next step.

  1. In the Options tab enter in the Connect Server text box, then check off the Require SSL/TLS and Do strict certificate checks.

  1. A prompt will prompt you for a password. Enter the Rutgers password associated with the NetID for the account (NOTE: If you have an account on both a faculty/staff system as well as a student system enter the password for the faculty/staff system). Click Ok to connect.

  1. Once connected the indicator on Adium X will display Available. Any contacts that were added previously, and who are online, will be displayed.

Adding Contacts

  1. To add a Contact (buddy) to the contact list in Adium X select Add Contact from the Contact menu in the toolbar

  1. In the Add Contact dialog box
    • Select Jabber from the Contact Type drop down box.
    • Enter the Jabber ID of the user that is to be added to the contact list in the form of
    • Optionally add an Alias that the contact should be displayed as in the contact list
    • If a contact is to be added to a special group in the contact list, choose the group from the In Group drop down box.
    • The Add to Accounts area is used if there are multiple Jabber accounts set up on a computer. If there are multiple accounts set up check the box next to the account for which the contact should be added.
    • Click Add to add the contact.
  1. The final part of adding a contact is a two step process.

  • The contact that is being added gets a pop up message asking the user to authorize being added to the contact list
  • The user who initiated adding the contact will also get an authorization message asking for permission to be added to the contact list of the jabber account that was added. To authorize the transaction click the Authorize button on the message.

  1. In order to use the Jabber Group Chat feature, to either create a new chat room or join an existing chat room, click onFile and select Join Group Chat

  1. When the Join Chat dialog screen appears select the Rutgers Jabber account from the drop down box.

  1. On the Join Group Chat screen fill out the following information:
    • Chat Room Name: enter the name of the chat room that is to be joined or the new chat room to be created.
    • Sever: enter,
    • Handle: enter the netid for the account.
    • Password: enter the password for the chat room if needed.
    • Press Join to enter the chat room

  1. The chat room will then be opened where users will be able to speak to each other freely.

  1. When a new room is created the creator will be prompted if the want to configure the new room or Accept Defaults.  TheConfigure Room option allows the room creator to set up more advanced features of Jabber chatrooms.  For information on configuring these features please read Advance Configuration of Jabber Chat rooms with Adium.
  1. Now that a chat room has been created other users can be invited to enter the room. To invite a user on the contact listControl Click on the user in the contact list ---> select Invite To Chat then select the chat room.

  2. The Invite To Chat box should open where a message to be sent along with the invitation can be entered. Click Invite to send the invitation.


  1. If the user accepts the invitation the chat room will appear on there computer and they will be taken to the chat room.