RUMail Tags

Tags are a special way of marking RUMail item types. For any RUMail application, you can tag items so that they can be easily searched later. Tags are similar to flags, except that you can name tags, set colors, and mark an item with multiple tags.

For example, let's say you are organizing a Team Building exercise. For any mail, calendar events, documents, etc. related to the exercise you can right-click the item and select "Tag Message" (or "Tag Appointment", or "Tag Item" depending on the application you're using) to give the item a tag. The first time you tag an item you will need to select "New Tag", and after that the Tag should appear as an option above "New Tag" and "Remove Tag".

Once you have tagged items, you can view them easily by selecting the appropriate tag on the left, or by doing an advanced search for the appropriate tag.

  • Creating a Tag


    To create a tag, right click the item you would like to tag and go to "Tag Message". If you do not want to use a preexisting tag, go to "New Tag".



After you have entered the name and selected the color for the tag, click "OK".

  • Removing a Tag


    Right click the tagged item, go to "Tag Message" and select "Remove Tag". If there are multiple tags on the message you will be given a list, as well as an option to remove all tags.

  • Deleting a Tag


    To delete a tag, go to the tag collection list at the left pane and right click the tag you want to delete. Select "Delete" to delete the tag, removing it from any items with this tag.

  • Viewing Tagged Items


    On the left pane there is a section marked "Tags". If you click on a tag while using an application, it will only show items with that tag. If you want to see more than one tag, you should use the Advanced Search.

  • Alternate way to Tag Messages


    Messages can also be tagged by using the Tag icon on the top toolbar of RUMail. To do this, simply select the message or messages you want to tag, and then use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate tag.

    As in many screens in RUMail, multiple messages can be chosen by checking the check-box next to the message, or holding down the Alt button when selecting the messages. A tag will be applied to all selected messages.