Composing Messages in RUMail


To start a new message, go to the Mail application and click the New Message button. The message composition window will appear.




You can type recipient email addresses in the "To:", "Cc:" and "Bcc:" fields, or you can use the Select Address window by clicking on the "To:" or "Cc:" buttons.

You can use the Select Address window to search through RUMail's global address list, or to search through your list of contacts.
Once you have selected the contact to be added to the "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" fields, click "OK", and the address will appear in the chosen field.



For more information on addresses, see the Managing Your Address Books tutorial.




You may also add files to your message using the Attach button. If you click the drop-down on Attach, you will see you can attach from multiple sources: My computer, attach inline, Briefcase, Mail and Contacts. If you need add more than one attachment, just keep clicking Attach.



RUMail allows you to digitally sign or encrypt your email message.  This option can be used by selecting the dropdown box on the toolbar. More information on how to set this up can be found by reading the Digitally Sign and Encrypt your Email section.




From the Options menu, you may choose to Format as HTML or Format as Plain Text, add Signature or Request Read Receipt, if you would like a read receipt. By default, the receipt will go to the address in your From (or, if you use it, Reply-To) header.

Note: Not all mail services support Read Receipts. (While RUMail allows you to request one, it will not honor any requests received for other RUMail accounts.) Even on those services which do support them, individuals can choose not to allow receipts to be sent. The sender of a message cannot force a recipient's mail account to send a Read Receipt. Do not be surprised if you request a Read Receipt but do not receive one.



Once you have finished writing your message, click the Send button to send.



If you would like to discard your message, click the Cancel button.



If you would like to save the message and send it later, click the Save Draft button. To resume the message later, go to your Drafts folder and double-click the saved message to continue editing.