RUMail Outlook PST Import Wizard

RUMail is the Rutgers University combined Mail and Online Calendar System. RUMail runs an Open Source Software program called Zimbra. The main interface for RUMail, the web interface, can be found at Users transitioning to RUMail from a Microsoft Exchange server or the RULink Mail and Calendar service may find it useful to use the RUMail Zimbra Migration Wizard for Outlook to import there existing Email and Calendars into their RUMail Domain.


1) Obtain the RUMail Zimbra Migration Wizard from your departments RUMail Domain Administrator.
2) Double click on the RUMail Zimbra Import Wizard for Outlook file.
3) You may get a security warning when running this software. Click Run to begin installing the software.



4) Select User Migration and click Next



5) You may get an error saying No Exchange profiles exist. If you do click Ok to continue.



6) Click the Browse button



7) Click on the Outlook Files Folder



8) Select the Outlook PST file you want to import. Click Open



9) Click Next



10) On the next screen enter the following information:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 443
  • User Secure Connection: Check off this box
  • Username: Enter your username in the form of
  • Password: Enter your Rutgers NetID password.

Click Next.



11) Select which items you want to Migrate over to RUMail. Then click Migrate



12) A screen will come up reporting any errors that occurred during the import procedure. Click Exit
13) Now all of your email messages and calendar from your old domain have been imported into the new RUMail departmental domain.