Configuring Android Devices For RUMail (Alternate Setup)

Please note that OIT only provides limited support for Android Devices.


To add an Exchange account to your Android Device, tap on the Doc icon on the bottom of your screen.



In the application list, click on the Email icon



On the next screen, enter:

  • Your complete email (NetIDs should always be entered all in lowercase letters)

  • Password- NetID password

  • Then click Next



When prompted for an account type click Exchange Account.



On the next screen enter the following information:

  • Domain/Username: in the form of\netid where is the RUMail departmental domain and netid is the Rutgers NetID (all in lowercase letters)

  • Password: the NetID password

  • Exchange Server: should be

  • The Check Boxes: for User Secure Connection SSL and  Accept all SSL Connections should be checked off.

Click Next