Downloading and Installing the TN3270 Emulator for RUtAdmin (Mac OS X)

Mocha TN3270 is a program that can be used to connect to a system called RutAdmin at Rutgers University. This software is free for Rutgers University Faculty and Staff on the Rutgers Software portal.

*NOTE* If you require upload or download file transfer capabilities, you will need QWS3270 which can be purchased directly from Jolly Giant. The MochaSoft emulator does not have this functionality.

  • Downloading the Mochasoft TN3270 Emulator

    To download the Mochasoft TN3270 Emulator for Mac (OS X) go to and log in with a Rutgers NetID and Password. Go to the Search bar on the Software Portal and type in the search term Mocha TN3270 and press the Enter key.



Click on the link for Mocha TN3270 for Mac OS X.



You will be prompted with the system requirements and License and Activation Key. Keep this page open through the installation process or copy and paste the License and Activation Key to another document. You will need this information later in the installation process.



Click on the Downloads tab.



Find the file and click Download to save the file to the computer.

  • Installing TN3270

    Open the file from the Downloads folder on the computer. Once opened click and drag the TN3270 Icon to the Application Folder.



Open the Applications folder and double-click on the TN3270 icon to start the program. Click on the icon to open the program.



If this is the first time the program is being opened there will be an alert that comes up warning that the program was downloaded from the Internet. Click Open to start the program.



Once the program is open go to the Toolbar and select Settings ---> License.



Enter the License information that was given on the page where the software was downloaded from. Click Ok.



On the TN3270 program, Click Open.



Enter the following setting information:

  • Server IP address and Port:
  • Port: 992
  • Enable SSL: Checked off
  • Send Keep-Alive: Checked off

Click OK.



At the Login Screen enter your User ID and RutAdmin password. Press Enter.



Enter your PRN Number and press Enter.



You should now be logged into the RUTAdmin System.