Using the RAMS List Manager

The RAMS List Manager allows you to maintain each of your RAMS mailing lists.

The List Manager will require you to log in, unless you have already done so. Enter your Rutgers NetID and associated password.

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with a list of RAMS lists for which you have administrative access. Select the list you would like to administer and click the Manage List button. 

Managing Your RAMS List

After you have selected a list to work with, you'll see the Manage Messages page for that list.

Each page displays the Menu Bar and List Options.

Menu Bar screen shot

Also displayed are any tools or information related to the page currently being viewed. For example, the Manage Messages page will display a list of messages that are pending moderation.

Pending Moderation screen shot

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains links to tools that allow you to administer your list.

Menu Bar screen shot

Select New List

Clicking this link will bring you back to the list of all RAMS lists that you administer.

Manage Messages

Clicking this link will bring up the list of messages that are currently held for moderation. From theManage Messages page, an owner may approve or delete held messages. For more information about moderating messages, please read Managing Messages Sent to a RAMS List.

View Archive

Clicking this link will bring up an archive of previously sent messages for the RAMS list you are managing. The page lists each message's date, subject, and sender, as well as the number of recipients, spam level, the NetID of the individual who approved and released the message, and a link that allows you to view each individual message. For more information on archives, please read List Archives and Statistics Manual.

Manage Users

Clicking this link will bring up the Manage Users page. This page gives you the ability to manually add recipients (for example, teaching assistants for a class would not be listed with the Registrar's data as taking the class and so would need to be added manually) , remove previously manually added recipients, and alter the configuration for individuals on the RAMS list (for example, stopping mail to someone who intends to drop a class which uses the list),. 
To manually add a recipient, enter the person's e-mail address in the Add Mail Recipient section and click the Add User button. 
To remove a previously manually added recipient, find the e-mail address you would like to remove, check the box next to the address, and click the Remove Selected Users button. You may remove all manually added recipients by clicking the Remove ALL Users button.

The Alter User Configuration tool allows you to turn off the ability to receive or send mail for a specific email address on the RAMS list. Click the Update User button to have RAMS save your changes. 
This page will also display a list of any users whose configurations have been altered.

List Manager Screenshot

To remove an email address that was manually added to a list , select the address or addresses in the Remove Manually Added Recipients section and click the Remove Selected Users button. All manually entered users can be removed at the same time by clicking on the Remove All Users button.

List Manager Screenshot

Owners can control whether or not a particular email address can post or receive messages from the list. This is done by entering the address in the Alter User Configuration section of the screen and selecting the appropriate options for Receive email and Post email. Once that is done click on the Update User button.

Alter User Configuration screen shot

After this has been done the address should appear under the Altered Users section of the screen.

Manage List Administrators

This screen allows administrators to add other administrators to help manage the list.

To add an administrator to a list enter the email address and NetID of the user to the appropriate fields and select the appropriate role for the user. Administrators can have one of three roles for a RAMS list. The Owner role makes the user an additional owner of the list. The Moderator role gives the user the ability to moderate messages that are sent to the list through email or by using the web interface. Users with the Editor role will also have the ability to moderate messages sent to the list, but they will only be able to do this through the web interface and not through email. Editors will also not receive an email notifying them that there are messages pending moderation. After the appropriate settings have been selected click Add Administrator to add the user as an administrator for the list.

Please note: Do not leave a list without an owner. Navigating away from the page with no owner defined may prevent you logging back into your list's configuration pages.

Add Administrator Screen Shot

The Remove Administrator section allows you to remove administrators from your RAMS list.

To remove an administrator from a list, select the box next to the email address of the user in you would like to remove, then click the Remove Administrators button.

Remove Administrator Screen Shot

Manage List Configuration

This screen allows an administrator to change the options for a list. The options for a list that can be changed are: archive type, posting privileges, spam filtering and error settings.

Select archive type

An archive is a record of all of the messages that have been sent to the list. All lists on the RAMS system are archived, this section simply sets up who are able to review these archives. The two Archive Types a list can have are a Public Archive or an Admin Only Archive. Public Archives can be viewed by anyone who has a NetID and password at Rutgers, while Admin Only Archives can only be viewed by the administrator of the list.

The posting privileges control who is able to send messages to the list, and how the messages are handled.

The posting privileges that are available for class lists are:

  • Moderated 
    All messages posted to a Moderated list are held until an Administrator, Moderator, or Editor approves the message. Once approved, the message is forwarded to the list.
  • Closed 
    When members send mail to a Closed list, RAMS will forward the message to the list. 
    When non-members send mail to a Closed list, RAMS will reject these messages.
  • Closed Moderated 
    When members send mail to a Closed Moderated list, RAMS will hold the message until an administrator, moderator, or editor approves the message. Once approved, RAMS will forward the message to the list. 
    When non-members send mail to a Closed Moderated list, RAMS will reject these messages.
  • Admin Only 
    When Administrators send mail to an Admin Only list, RAMS will hold the message until an administrator, moderator, or editor approves the message. Once approved, RAMS will forward the message to the list. 
    When members send mail to an Admin Only list, RAMS will reject the message. 
    When non-members send mail to a Closed Moderated list, RAMS will reject these messages.

Spam Filtering can be turned on/off and the Spam Threshold can be set set for the list from this screen. To learn more about using the spam filter with RAMS please read Setting a Spam Filter in RAMS

On occasion error messages my be generated by a RAMS list. These error messages may occur because an address on the list is no longer active or an email account has gone over it's disk quota. The Error Settingssection of this screen controls where these types of error messages will be sent. This can be sent to Owner, which means that the error messages will be sent to the owner of the list, or it can be set to Ignore, which means that no one will be notified of these errors.

Once the desired configuration for the list has been set, click the Update List button to make these changes permanent.

List Manager Screenshot

Rename/Delete List

This screen allows an existing list to be renamed or deleted. To rename a list enter the new name in the Rename List field and click on the Rename List button. (NOTE: List names may only contain letters, numbers and must contain at least one '_'.)

List Manager Screenshot

To delete a list click on the Delete List button on the bottom of the screen. (NOTE: Once a list is delete there is no way to get the list data back.)

List Manager Screenshot

Manage List Definition

This option is only available for RAMS Class Lists created with the Class List Creator tool. The Manage List Definition screen allows the owner of a class list to change the classes and sections that make up the list. To learn more about class lists please read the document dealing with the Requesting a new Class or Course RAMS list..

List Membership

This option is only available for Class Lists. It will display the roster derived list of members as well as any email addresses that have been manually added or removed from the list.

Show List History

This tool summarizes information about the list, such as the date it was created and by whom, as well as any previous list names if the list had been renamed.