The nondigestable option allows you to disable immediate sending of messages for your list. Set this to No if you wish to allow digest delivery only, which will compile multiple messages to be sent out in a single digest as governed by the

Digest Options (covered in the next section).



The msg_header and msg_footer options allow you to add a header or footer (or both) to each message sent out. By default, messages have the Mailman list's name (real_name), the address of the list, and a link to the listinfo page for the list are added to the bottom of every message.



The scrub_nondigest option will store file attachments in the list's archive and a link to the file's location is sent in the message.



The regular_exclude_lists and regular_include_lists options are known as sibling list options. These options are useful when multiple lists are receiving some or all of the same posts. The first option, regular_exclude_lists, allows you to add mailing list addresses whose members will be excluded from receiving a regular (non-digest) delivery if the list name is in the To: or Cc: header. This will prevent duplicate messages from being sent to addresses on multiple lists.

The regular_include_lists, allows you to add lists whose members will receive posts even if their list is not in the To: or Cc: header field. This allows you to incorporate another list's membership with your own for the purpose of sending messages. If you wish for the sibling list's members to be able to post to your list you may consider adding the list address to the accept_these_nonmembers option described in Sender Filters.

Both options will require you to add full list addresses with each list on a new line.