Setting Up Thunderbird For Scarletmail

Before attempting to configure Scarletmail with Outlook be sure Scarletmail account is activated.

  • Configuring ScarletMail for Less Secure Apps

    Recently Google has implemented security settings on Google Apps and Google Apps for Education. Mozilla Thunderbird does not support these new security settings yet. For this reason when setting up Mozilla Thunderbird these new security settings will need to be disabled for the account. To disable this please do the following:



Go to and enter your ScarletMail Email Address. Click Next.



Enter your Rutgers NetID and password. Click Login.



Click on Connected apps & sites under Sign-in & security.



Make sure Allow less secure apps is listed as ON.

  • Create ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password

    Create ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password


    In order to be able to use a mail client with Scarletmail users must create a ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password. If they have not done so already please make sure users configure this password before walking them through configuring a mobile email or mail client. NOTE: This password can be different than NetID password since it is configured separately.
    Go to
    Click on Manage Your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password



Log in WIth NetID and password.



Enter ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password. Follow guidelines listed above the box. This password will be used when configuring mobile and desktop email clients.

  • Enable IMAP in Scarletmail

    Enable IMAP in Scarletmail


    Go to and click on ScarletMail. Log in with NetID and password.


Click on the gear located at the top right of the screen and select Settings.



Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab across the top of the screen. Make sure that the bubble that says Enable IMAP is selected. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. After the settings are saved the Status above the Enable IMAP bubble should say IMAP is enabled in green as shown above.

  • Configuring Thunderbird with Scarletmail

    Configuring Thunderbird with Scarletmail


    Open Up Thunderbird. Select Local Folders and click on Create a New Account.


FIll out required information using guidelines below:
Your Name: Enter your first and last name as it should appear in the From line of an email message
Email Address: Enter your ScarletMail email address
Password: Enter your Google Apps Mobile Password
Remember password: This is checked off by default. If you do not want Thunderbird to remember your password you can uncheck this box. If the box is unchecked you will be asked to enter your password whenever you check your email.

Click Continue to setup your ScarletMail account.


Using the information entered above, Thunderbird will set up the ScarletMail account settings automatically. You should see something similar to the picture above. After reviewing the settings, click Create Account to finish setting up ScarletMail with Thunderbird.

Now you can use Thunderbird to send and receive emails from your ScarletMail account.

  • Moving mail from a different account to Scarletmail in Thunderbird

    Right click (or control-click if using the mac version of Thunderbird), and select New Folder.


Name the folder anything you wish and click Create Folder. This is the folder on Scarletmail where the messages from the other account will be moved.


Click on a folder in the non-ScarletMail account that has the messages that are to be moved.



Select all of the messages that need to be moved over. If all of the messages in that folder need to be moved, you can hold the Control Key and then press the A key. This will select all of the messages in the folder.



Right click on one of the messages (or control-click if you are on a Mac), and choose Move To -> -> then select the folder you want to move the messages to.

Repeat the above steps to move all other messages to ScarletMail.

Note: Messages greater than 25 Mb in size will NOT be migrated to ScarletMail. If you attempt to move a message larger then 25 MB an error message will be displayed on the screen and the message will not be moved over.