RUMail Using Briefecase


RUMail has a Briefcase application which allows you to view, edit, and share text files through the Briefcase application. In addition to creating documents rom scratch, you can upload .doc,.xls,.pdf,.txt and .html files from your computer into a new document.

  • Creating a New File

    Creating a New File


    To create a new document, click the New Document button, and a blank document page will open in another tab. The document tool bar at the top allows you to edit text and insert files, links, tables, and pictures as well.

  • Uploading a File

    Uploading a File


    To put a file into your RUMail Briefcase from your computer, click Upload File to the right of New Document. In the popup window, select a file from your computer to add to the Briefcase.



If you upload a new copy of an existing file (or a different file with the same name) already in your Briefcase, a pop-up warning will appear. If you click Yes, a version number in parentheses will be added to the uploaded file's name. If you click No, the file will not be uploaded.

  • Editing a File

    You can use RUMail to edit any file which was created within RUMail. You cannot use it to edit a file which was created in another program and then uploaded to RUMail. (You must use the program which created that file, then upload the modified version.)



To edit a file, click on the file name and then click the Edit button.



You can also right-click on the filename and select Edit from the menu. It will open the document in a new tab, as shown above under Creating a New File.

  • Detailed File Information


    When you select a file, it is possible to see some information about it. To view information about the file, open the View menu, which is located to the far upper right side of the selected document to add this preview pane to the right of the file list or to the bottom of the screen, or to turn off the preview pane entirely.



When the preview pane is showing, it will have detailed information for that file, such as its name, path, and date when last modified.

  • Downloading a File


    To download a file from RUMail to your computer, select the file and click the Download button.

    Alternately, you can right-click on the file name and select Download.


To share the contents of the Briefcase on RUMail, for others to download the files, see Sharing Folders.