RUMail Sharing Folders


In RUMail, most folder collections (Mail Folders, Calendars, Briefcases, etc.) can be shared with other RUMail users or displayed publicly via an HTML link (a URL). Depending on the level of shared access granted by the owner of the collection, a shared collection can be viewed by, or added to, or edited by other users (including shared by those users to still other users).

  • Granting Share Access


    Select the tab for the type of collection, then right-click on the name of the collection you wish to share and select "Share..." for the type of collection. For example, a calendar would have "Share Calendar."



You will see a popup asking what type of shared access you'd like to grant for this collection.

There are three levels of access:



Internal Users or Groups - Other RUMail users can link to your shared collection using RUMail. Depending on their level of access, they can view it, edit it, act as an administrator for it, or perform other functions. The user being given access will receive an email message, informing them of the access to the new shared collection and giving them the option to accept or reject the access. If you do not want the user to receive a message, or you would like to customize the message, click the drop down menu under Message and select the appropriate option.

Once the user accepts the share, the shared folder will automatically be added to his/her collection.



External Guests - Allows you to supply an email address so that someone who is not on RUMail can access the share.  When adding shares this way RUMail will send out an email asking for the recipient to create a local username and password to access the share. 



Public - Allows anyone to view your calendars and does not require login.


For each of these levels of access, the URL box lists URLs that can be used to view the collection by authorized users. There are three URLs available for each calendar, one suitable for calendar programs using the iCalendar format, one suitable for use in Microsoft Outlook, and one suitable for viewing in any browser:



  • is the RUMail domain email address for the person whose calendar is publicly viewable
  • Calendar.html is the name of the publicly viewable calendar with a .html extension


If the popup window is not wide enough to show the full URL for the collection, it will appear in a shortened form, with the ellipsis (...) showing where text has been removed. You can use your browser's "Copy Link Location" feature to copy the unedited URL so that you can then paste it into another file (for example, a document describing how to obtain access for future users).

Note: Once you share a collection with other users, they will receive an email notification. For RUMail users, this notification will include the option to accept and add the share or to reject it. If the user that the collection is being shared with does not read mail on the RUMail System, or reads their mail using an email-reading program like Thunderbird, the user will need to add the shared collection manually, using the URL you find using "Copy Link Location".

  • Changing Share Access


    If at some later time you'd like to change the share permissions, right click the collection and select Edit Properties.



Under "Sharing for this Folder" you will see a list of all shares currently enabled for this Calendar, along with options to edit the current share settings, revoke the sharing, or resend the invitation to share.