RUMail Searching





To search within RUMail, locate the Search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Under the envelope drop-down, you will see a list, including Mail, Contacts, Global Address List, Appointments, Tasks and Files. You may choose any of these applications to search through, including Shared Items. Whichever application tab you click on will be the default search that is performed.

  • Advanced Search

    Advanced Search



    RUMail allows for a number of advanced search options for Mail. To see these options, select click on the magnifying class within the search bar at the right of the search bar to bring up the the Basic Filters and Advanced Filters. You may select any of the Basic Filters in addition to setting up Advanced Filters.




Under Advanced Filters, you may click on any drop down, and, depending on where you are searching (Mail, Contacts, Appointments, etc.) you can specify search parameters. For example, if you want to perform an Advanced Search within Mail, you may click on the envelope in the drop-down in the Search bar, and click the magnifying glass to reveal the Advanced Search functions. To search for an email tat was sent on a specific date, you click on Date Sent, revealing a calendar from which you may choose a date.

  • Saving a Search


    If you use a specific search often, you can save the search. This does not save the results of the search, it saves the criteria for that search. If you save a search and new mail arrives that matches your search, you will see the new mail next time you run the saved search. Once you have entered all your search criteria, click Save to open a popup window asking for a name and location for the advanced search.




To use saved searches, there is a section in the left pane for Searches. Click the saved search you wish to run and the results will be displayed on the right.