RUMail Managing Tasks


RUMail has a Tasks application which allows a group to track a project from start to finish. For each part of the project, you will probably want to create a separate task.

  • Creating a Task

    To create a task, under the "Tasks" tab select "New Task". You will see the "Edit Task" pane for the new task.




In this example, we are planning an orientation for new employees. Fill out the information in the Details area to best describe this project. You should update the Progress area regularly to reflect how close to completion the project is. In the text box below those two areas, you can enter notes and comments, for yourself or other group members. The example uses the notes area to track what still needs to be done.




In addition to notes, you can also add files created by other applications, by adding them as attachments. For each attachment you'd like to include with this task, click the Paper Clip icon located in the top left



After doing this another slow will be added to the "Attachments" area.




Use the Browse button to find the attachment wherever it's saved. After you've chosen a file, select the "Open" button.



Once you've selected the "Open button the filename will appear in the attachments box.



Once you've made all your comments and chosen the files you want to add, click the "Save" button in the top left of the window to save all changes you've made. You will now see the updated task information in the Tasks display pane. If you added any attachments, you will see a paperclip icon below the date. If you are using Tags to organize your projects, you can also right-click on the task to add an appropriate Tag.



If you are working on this project with a group, you will need to share the folder containing this task, also known as a Task List. For more information on sharing, see "Sharing Folders".

  • Creating Tasks from e-mails


    Tasks can also be created for an e-mail message. To do this right-click on a message and select "Create Task". When a task is created this way, the subject of the e-mail message is set to the title of the task, and the e-mail message itself is copied into the notes section.