RUMail Creating An Appointment



To create a new appointment using RUMail, go to the Calendar application and click the New Appointment button.




This will open the appointment creation pane:


Enter the title of the event, as you'd like it to appear on your calendar, in the "Subject" box. Enter a "Location" if applicable.

  • Repeating Events


    For a repeating event, you can also select the frequency of when the event should repeat using the Repeat pulldown menu.



Once you have selected a frequency, a Customize link will appear; click it to make further adjustments to the frequency and set an end date for the repeating event.



Here is the Custom Repeat pop up window.

  • Events to be Attended by Others

    Events to be Attended by Others



    There are two ways of adding attendees to an event. If you know the email addresses for the people you want to invite, you can add them to the list of attendees located in the Appointment Details Tab.




If there are people you want to invite whose attendance is not required, the Show Optional link, to the far right of Attendees, will create an Optional header which works in the same manner as the Attendees one.

There is no difference in the notice addresses in either Attendees or Optional will receive.




If you click either Attendees or Optional, you can search for users in the Global Address List (which is a Rutgers University-wide contact list), or search your Contacts or any shared Contacts. To add a user as an attendee, highlight their name and click the To button.

  • Scheduling




    If you need to find an appropriate time for a group to meet, you can complete all the public calendars of the prospective attendees. First add all members of the group as attendees. Once this has been done, find Scheduler on the window.




Click the Show button to see a table showing when the attendees are listed as being busy on their RUMail calendars. To view a different day's availability, change the date in the "Start:" field to reflect availability for that given day.

  • Locations and Resources

    Locations and Resources



    Your domain administrator has the ability to create shared calendars as Locations and Equipment, which can be used to schedule rooms and equipment.




Click on Show Equipment to bring up the option. Once you click Show Equipment, you can click on the "Equipment:" button to bring up the ability to Find Equipment. You can "invite" Locations and Equipment to an appointment, which will mark them as "Busy" during that time. You can also link to the Location or Equipment's Calendar (see Sharing Folders) to see when that location or equipment is busy/available. While this can simplify allocating time for conference rooms, it can also complicate things if a group is planning to meet in the conference room and has not "invited" that Location. If you have any questions regarding how your group is using Locations and Equipment, speak to your domain administrator.

  • Another Way To Create an Appointment


    Appointments can also be created directly from an e-mail message. To do this Right Click on a message and select Create Appointment.

    When an appointment is created this way the email address of the user who sent the email message is set as an Attendee for the appointment, the subject of the email message is set as the title of the event, and the email message itself is copied into the notes section.

  • Creating a New Calendar in RUMail


    To create a new Calendar in RUMail, click on the New Calendar icon in the Calendar Pane.



Next give the Calendar a name, and select the color you want the events on this calendar to be displayed in.

Next choose whether or not events on this calendar should be excluded when displaying your Free/Busy information.