Getting Started with RUMail

The web interface for RUMail is located at

Once there, you should see a login screen. To log in, use for the username (not just your NetID), and your Rutgers NetID password. Your RUMail domain is specific to your department. If you are not sure about your domain, contact your departmental RUMail administrator.

 Once you have entered the username and password, click Log In to continue.



After logging in, you will see the RUMail display, which allows you to manage mail, address books, calendars, documents and more. By default, RUMail will load the Mail application.


RUMail is used for much more than just email. RUMail's applications include:


The Mail application allows you to send, receive and organize email.


The Address Book allows you to easily manage contacts. You can keep a list of email, phone, and IM contacts for each person, as well as address information, photos and notes.


The Calendar application is a robust system that allows you to keep track of your appointments, as well as view Calendars for other RUMail users and easily schedule group events.


The Tasks application allows you to keep track of projects and tasks. 


The Briefcase application allows you to create or upload files to store on your RUMAIL account. You can view and edit the documents as well as adding them as an attachment in an email. Briefcase also gives you the option of sharing the file with other users or making them available for public access via the HTML link.


The Preferences application allows you to configure parts of RUMail for your own personal preference.