Migrating Contacts and Address Books (PC)

An Address Book is a list of email contacts. There is no Internet standard for address books, so every mail program has its own way of handling them. The RUMail system knows how to translate the format of seven commonly used mail programs into its own format. For other programs, you need to save the address book into a known format and then import it.

Whichever mail program you use, your first step will always be to export your address book or contacts list into a Comma-Separated Value (.csv) file. Follow the appropriate instructions in your mail program for exporting to such a file.

  • Example of Exporting an Address Book


    Outlook 2010 is used in this example. Refer to your own mail program's help files for specific instructions for other programs.

    1. Open the File menu and select Options.



  • Importing Address Books


    2. Under Options, select Advanced.



     3. In the list under Advanced, scroll down to Export. Click on Export, all the way to the right side of the box.



     4. The Import and Export Wizard will open up. In the list of actions to perform, choose Export to a File. Click Next.



     5. A new box will open up that says Export to a File. Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows). Click Next.



     6. The next box that opens will ask you to Select folder to export from. Choose Contacts. Click Next.



     7. Under Save exported file as, click Browse, select a destination folder, and in the File name box, type a name for the file. Click Next.



     8. When you see the following, you may click Finish.

  • Importing Address Books


    You can import any contact list/address book which has been saved into a file in the comma-separated value (.csv) format.

    To import a .csv file:

    1. Log into the https://rumail.rutgers.edu website.
    2. Once logged in, click the Preferences tab.



     3. On the left side, click the Import/Export item.

     4. In the Import section, click the Browse button to locate the .csv file on your computer.



     5. After you locate the file, click Open. Leave the Type as Auto-Detect and Destination as Contacts (or see below).



Note: If you want the contacts to go somewhere other than the standard Contacts folder, click the Contacts button next to Destination and select the alternate destination.



     6. Click the Import button, all the way to the right of the Import box. You should receive a message that Import Succeeded. The content of the .csv file is       imported into the selected RUMail address book.