Migrating Calendars To RUMail

Until relatively recently, accepted standards for calendar programs did not exist, so any calendar manager could be using a format unique to itself. With the creation of the iCalendar standard, moving a calendar from one manager to another is as easy as exporting the calendar to a file in the .ics format and importing that file into the new manger.

Each calendar program would have its own way of exporting a calendar to a .ics file. Please refer to the documentation for your program for doing so.

  • To import a .ics calendar into RUMail

    1. Follow your program's instructions to export your calendar into a .ics file
    2. Use a text editor to open the .ics file.
    3. Use the editor's "search and replace" function to replace all occurrences of your old account's email address with your new RUMail email address. Save the file.
    4. Log into the https://rumail.rutgers.edu website. Make sure you are using the default or advanced (Ajax) version, to be able to follow these instructions.


Once logged in, select the "Preferences" tab.



In the list of preferences on the left, select "Import/Export"



Under the "Import" section, click the "Choose File" button. Locate and select the .ics file on your computer



For "Destination" select the "Calendar" option if it is not automatically changed to "Calendar" on its own. If you want to import these events into an existing calendar, select the calendar then click the "OK" button. For example, to import them into your main calendar, select "Calendar".



If you want these events to be stored in their own calendar, click the "New" button. In the window that follows, you can name the calendar and select the color for that calendar using the pull-down menu. Finally, you can check the box if you want to "Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times".



Once you're done all your selections will be displayed in the Import section and you can click the "Import" button.



If you are importing a calendar with many events, your web browser may appear to be doing nothing for a long while. When the events have ben successfully imported, an "Import Succeeded" pop-up will appear.

This process can be repeated for each calendar you wish to move to RUMail.