Configuring Windows Live For RCI Email

Configuring Windows Live For RCI Email

  • Add an Email Account

    Add an Email Account


    Click on Accounts tab and click on the add email button on the top left.

  • Add Account

    • Enter email address as (If this setup is for a shared Departmental Account the departmental email address should be entered here).
    • Enter netid password as the Password. (Check box to remember password. Note: If this setup os for a shared Departmental Account please enter the paswrod in the following format: yournetid:yourpassword).
    • Enter display name as FirstName LastName
    • Make sure to check the box that says "Manualy configure server settings"
  • Mail Server Settings

    Incoming server information:

    • Set server type to IMAP
    • Server address should be
    • Check the box to Require a secure connection (SSL)
    • Atuthenticate using "Clear text"
    • Netid should be used as the Logon user name. (If this setup is for a shared Ddepartmental Email Account please enter the departmental email account name here).

    Outgoing server information:

    • Server address should be:
    • Check box to require a secure connection (SSL)
    • Check box to require authentication
    • Change the port to be 25 or 587

    Click on Next

  • Email Account Added

    Email account should have been successfully added. Click "Finish" to finish the account creation process.