Configuring RCI Email on Windows 8 Mail

1- Navigate to Mail


Navigate to Windows 8 Mail.

Move your mouse to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on Settings.

2- Account Settings

Account Settings


Click on Accounts.

3- Add an Account

Add an Account


Click on "Add an account."

4- Select an Account Type

Select an Account Type


Click on "Other account"


Select IMAP and click Connect


Enter in order to setup up an RCI account. (If this setup is for a Departmental RCI account then enter the Departmental Account email address.)

Enter netid password as the password.


  • Enter netid as the username. (If this setup is for a departmental account enter the departmental account as the username.)
  • Enter the Rutgers NetID password. (If this setup is for a departmental account enter the password in the following format: yournetid:yournetidpassword.)
  • Enter for the incoming mail server.
  • Make sure incoming port is 993 and Incoming server requires SSL is checked.
  • Enter for outgoing. Make sure port is 25 or 587 and Outgoing server requires SSL and Outgoing server requires authentication is selected.
  • Check the box for use the same username and password to send and receive email

Authorized users of departmental (on RCI) or organizational (on Eden) accounts should uncheck this box and  enter their personal RCI or Eden NetIDs, and the 
case-sensitive password associated with each account, when sending e-mail. That is, they should not use the departmental or organizational account name 
(with its associated special password) for sending, although it should be used for receiving mail from that account.

  • Click connect.


You account should now be accessible through Windows 8 Mail.