Configuring RCI Email on Windows 10 Mail

This tutorial will show you how to setup your rci account on Windows 10 with the standard mail client built into Windows 10.

Go to the search bar

Type the word Mail into the search bar


Click on the entry for the Windows Mail program


When you open up the mail client you will see this screen. Click on Add account


Choose the account as advanced setup

  • Enter account name, if this is your normal rci account use your
  • Then type in the name you want to send emails from
  • set the incoming mail server to
  • set the account type to IMAP4
  • type your username as your netid
  • type in your password
  • the outgoing mail server is
  • check off the 4 boxes at the bottom

After successful completion you should see this page


Once you are done it should bring you back to this screen with your account now accessible. Click on your account then click ready to go


After you log in you should see this screen

You should be all setup with your rci account using mail in Windows 10, if you have any questions